Shelly and I connected via a referral from my financial planner. He recommended 3 consultants, and after I began doing some research on each, I immediately felt a connection to Shelly. The first phone conversation confirmed that connection. She is genuinely concerned about your practice, your employees, and you as the doctor. She will first meet with you to discuss goals and concerns and then she tailors her consulting to fit the individual needs of your office. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach. I have met with other consultants over the years who approached me to partner with their firm. I never felt compelled to partner with them, and did not feel their way of consulting was based on my specific needs, but rather a “this is what we offer” type approach.

Shelly took into consideration the personalities in the office, my personality, and the office environment before she began her process with our team. She immediately put my team and myself at ease. She went into great detail about the more recent history of dentistry and how it has evolved and why today’s approach must evolve with it. Her knowledge of current trends, statistics, and how the population perceives dentistry is amazing. When we discussed two days of training in office, I was unsure of how much information could fill that time. I have to say that from the very beginning of day one, she had all of us engaged and excited to hear what she had to share with us. I not only felt that the investment in Shelly as a consultant is valuable, but that she has opened the door to a multitude of more information that I am anxious to learn about. By the end of day two, I wished we had two more days to continue to learn from her. We intend to continue our partnership and have already scheduled another two days of training with Shelly.

We are just beginning our journey, but I am confident that Shelly is going to be key to increasing our growth and productivity as a team. I am excited to continue working with her and I believe that she is a wealth of information, kindness, and genuinely wants what is best for your practice and your team. I am excited to see where we will go in the future with Shelly as our consultant! I would highly recommend her if you have ever considered hiring a consultant. 🙂

Michelle Fielden DDS, Copper Creek Dental LLC, Ozark, MO

July 11, 2016