Shelly I wanted to share with you how much your recent trip to Advanced Smile Care (ASC) meant to me personally.

You graced us with your presence! I have attended many seminars, and even conducted a few myself so I think I am qualified in issuing you an A+ :).

You were able to keep about 34 tired people engaged, and open to your excellent advice! I particularly enjoyed when you spoke about personal health & I thought your advice regarding the verbiage we use to help, and educate our patients extremely valuable! I also think that you are a great example of the 80/20 rule!:), and you helped me see that I need to move beyond my excuses & strive for a more active & healthy lifestyle. I have joined a gym! I just appreciate you, & I am very thankful that Dr. Crouch, Dr. Kboudi, & others wanted you to impart your dental & general wisdom to us!

Betsey Seymour, Patient Coordinator at Advanced Smile Care, San Antonio, TX

July 11, 2016