for-the-health-care-professional-and-the-patientThe wellness approach to dental practice management and clinical efficiency relies on four principles.

Implement a Holistic Approach to Patient Care

Patient care that encompasses physical, emotional, psychological and financial well-being

Health Promotion, Preventive Medicine, Integrative Medicine & Full-Spectrum Wellness

The science and art of helping people move toward a better quality of life

Understand the Role of Inflammation

How inflammation impacts one’s immune status

Understand and Identify Metabolic Diseases

How metabolic disease affects the patient’s dental experience

Identify Symptoms of Eating Disorders and Dysfunctions

The dental professional’s role in counseling on the detrimental effects of eating disorders

Clinician Education: Nutrition Begins in the Mouth

Nutritional assimilation starts with a healthy mouth

Supplements That Support Oral Health Treatment Modalities and Boost the Immune System

Simple supplement regimen that enhances oral health