dental-patient-connectionConnection between the professional and patient is about teamwork.

Improving communication and relationship skills to drive patient treatment acceptance.

Reduce Broken Appointments and No-Shows

Effective dental scripting and verbal skill training

Relay of Information and Patient Transfer of Data

How the entire team contributes to the overall patient experience

Seize Opportunities to Impress and Achieve Patient Loyalty

Everything a patient sees, hears and experiences can foster or diminish patient loyalty

Understand the Affect of Clinician and Patient Communications

What you say and what a patient hears

Help Patients Make the Connection:  Oral Disease is Often a Silent Disease

Leading patients to case acceptance

The Importance of Show and Tell Style Patient Education

Use technology for higher case acceptance

The Real PR: Patient Responsibility in Owning the Conditions Present in The Mouth

Understand patient readiness regarding patient susceptibility, severity, barriers to treatment vs. treatment benefits

Present the “WHY” for Patients to Return to Clinic

Effective communication regarding the benefits of dental care

Patient Education Systems

Promote behavior change and treatment acceptance