hygiene-front-and-centerThe hygienist as a preventive care specialist helps patients connect the dots between oral health and total health.

Develop your Hygiene Department into a powerful driver for all aspects of your practice

  • Establishing a protocol for a successful non-surgical periodontal therapy program
  • Health Promotion: The art AND science of case presentation
  • The hygienist as a preventive care specialist
  • Preventive care vs. therapeutic treatment
  • Applying the health belief model in patient education
  • Understanding American Dental Association coding for all hygiene procedures
  • Building a sustainable hygiene retention system

The Dental Hygienist’s Role in Promoting Restorative and Elective Dentistry

Dialogue between hygienist and doctor for treatment acceptance

Oral Disease and the Impact on Systemic Health

Helping patients connect the dots between what’s going on in their mouths and their overall health and wellbeing

Protocols for Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy

  • Utilization of accurate ADA codes and treatment sequencing
  • Integrating adjunctive therapies and products
  • Early treatment and site-specific therapies

Hygiene Retention System:  The Lifeblood of a Practice

A clinical and administrative system to ensure lifelong patient care