balanced-organizational-cultureDevelop your leadership skills and your team’s to maximize practice success.

Flexible practice management systems that are relevant for attracting and retaining today’s patients and staff.

Generate a Life of Purpose, Passion and Prosperity with Mindful Business Practices

Infuse your practice with your vision, mission and values

Create a Sustainable Team Committed to Growing the Dental Practice

Hire well, train for performance and encourage professional development

Establish a Business Environment that Thrives on Feedback

Seek continuous improvement through consistent and constant feedback

Leadership That’s Playful and Curious

Develop yours and your team’s leadership skills to drive business success

Learn When to Press the Pause Button

Learn to diffuse the reactive, emotional self

Recognize Relationship Development Opportunities (RDOs)

Authentic communication that deepens professional relationships

Take the Drama Out of Your Dental Practice

Establish healthy and appropriate boundaries that are values based

The Economics of Trust in the Workplace

Increasing trust amongst colleagues improves the bottom line

Learning All the Gears for Professional and Personal Success

Knowing when it’s time to shift gears and adopt new strategies when traveling on unfamiliar business roads

Understanding the Real Cost of Staff Turnover

The economic and emotional price to making a bad hiring decision or losing a valued member of your team