dental-marketing-speaking-topics-shelly-shortShelly’s approach to coaching encompasses thoughtful insights into the business of dentistry coupled with an approachable, engaging teaching style.

An effective and compelling public speaker, Shelly speaks on a wide range of topics that are appropriate for study clubs, professional-association meetings and all points in-between.

As you plan your next gathering, consider having Shelly speak on the following:


  • Internal Marketing Strategies to Promote Services & Drive Referrals
  • Social Media as a Powerful Communications Tool
  • When & How to Engage in External Marketing


  • Dental Economics 101: A Course for the Entire Team
  • Dissecting & Interpreting Critical Financial Metrics
  • Controlling Insurance Before It Controls You
  • Managing Accounts Receivable
  • The Practice Trifecta: Productive, Profitable, Sustainable


  • Maximize Your Practice Success: Hire S-L-O-W-L-Y, Hire Confidently
  • Establishing Sustainable Team Performance Protocols
  • Leading, Developing & Retaining Your Team
  • Communication Skill Building Between Hygiene & the Doctor for Greater Case Acceptance
  • A Healthy Team is a High-Performance Team

Operational Systems

  • Scheduling for Efficiency & Productivity
  • Hygiene Retention Systems that Drive and Sustain the Practice
  • The Art of Presenting Simple Financial Options for Patients
  • Effective Communication to Minimize Cancellations & No Shows
  • The Relay of Information & Transfer of Patient Data: It Takes a TEAM
  • Solid & Simple Financial Presentations to Patients
  • Maximize Health Promotion Technology in Clinical Areas
  • Effectively Utilize ADA Coding
  • Simplify Team Protocols for Managing the Periodontal Patient
  • Protocols for Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy
  • Oral Disease & the Impact on Systemic Health
  • Health Promotion, Preventive & Integrative Medicine
  • Full-Spectrum Wellness