dental-patient-connectionThere’s no substitute for sitting down and developing a strategic plan before embarking on the journey together.

Flexible practice management systems that are relevant for attracting and retaining today’s patients and staff.

Architect a Schedule that Reflects Financial and Personal Goals

Achieve clinical efficiency through effective scheduling

Skill Building for Clinical Efficiency

Streamlining clinical execution

A Mindful Approach to Inventory Management

A disciplined approach to just-in-time ordering

Tackling the Dental Insurance Equation as it Equates to Profitability

Based on critical financial indicators, analyze dental insurance involvement relative to the bottom line

Affordable Patient Financial Options: Economically Sound for the Practice

Simple and secure payment options for patient treatment

Build Your Practice! The Economic Edge of Marketing

  • Increase number of new patients
  • Grow patient referrals
  • Marketing services and products to existing patients
  • Zone Marketing: Maximize all patient contact points
  • Plan time and budget resources for external marketing