Shelly has coached my executive team and my entire dental team for many years and always leaves us feeling energised and with focus. She has worked with us through many challenging times and is always prepared to listen to our needs and respond in a caring yet professional manner.

What I have always admired about Shelly is the wisdom she brings to the table. She has coached so many dental teams, and has been a practising hygienist so she has real understanding of what it takes to build an effective dental team. She never stops learning herself and always weaves new knowledge into her training sessions. To me, Shelly is exactly what a skilled consultant should be. She does not preach or read from a manual, but focuses in on the challenges, and has led me and my team to find our way forward and to succeed in business as well as personally.

Shelly has the skills and the intuition required to ask the tough questions, and deliver the right message to all the different personalities and learning styles on my team. I cannot recommend Zum Wohl highly enough – and I cannot imagine continuing in business without knowing Shelly is there to give me perspective when I need it.

Dr. Elaine Halley, Perth, Scotland

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August 25, 2014