Shelly has been our coach here at Cherrybank for several years. We usually have a couple of days coaching and she makes these days fun and interesting. We are always left refreshed, focused and eager to put what we have learned from her into practice. Shelly is great at addressing our team challenges and cleverly weaves the challenges we face into her programme so as to not make anyone feel singled out. We are learning new things without even realising it. We always look forward to these days and she always seems to come around when we need the help to get ourselves focused again.

Shelly has become part of our family and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I think every business needs a Shelly to keep them focused and regenerated when teams become a bit sluggish. Shelly always make herself available for telephone calls or emails if there is anything that we need help with in between her visits. I can’t imagine not having Shelly as part of our team.

Dawn Smith– Practice Manager, Perth Scotland

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August 25, 2014